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Maryland Health Alliance Inc., an Outpatient Mental Health Practice designed to serve the community and provide the personal growth and development for individuals and families. We provide culturally proficient services that empower individuals, but also encourage the community to make a long term investment in itself. Our staff has experience in many different areas such as family therapy, individual counseling, and recognizes that achieving positive and healthy well-being requires a holistic approach. The goal of Maryland Health Alliance is to bring our programs to the communities and educate those about the various services that can be provided to them.

We provide not only an educational guidance, but strive to enhance the quality of life by providing the highest standard of preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitation services. Our staff members consist of a group of individuals who are dedicated to truly helping others and improving their community. Our therapist have a positive impact on the lives of the elderly, the disadvantaged, children, or other individuals in need of guidance and direction in their lives, whether it be to help individuals with poverty, divorce, addiction, emotional distress and various other psychological and social issues.

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