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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program is a community-based, supportive service provided in combination with monthly therapy sessions for individuals ages 5 and above.  PRP aims to assist individuals with learning to independently navigate around how their mental, behavioral, and emotional stressors and symptoms impact their everyday lives — with family and friends at-home, at-work, in-school, and in the community.

Maryland Health Alliance (MHA) offers PRP services, and  is managed by mental health professionals committed to improving the emotional health and well-being of the communities it supports, based on individual and specific mental health needs. Compassionate and educated MHA PRP-certified providers help you grow beyond your current goals into the best you can be. MHA PRP services include the following areas of support:

  • Development of Basic Living Skills: Skill building in the areas of grooming and hygiene, organization of living space, healthy and effective meal planning, safety in the community, time management, independent laundry completion, and more.

  • Medication Self-Management: Skill building in the areas of managing the organization of daily medication, increasing knowledge of prescribed medication, requesting appropriate medication for identified mental, emotional, and physical issues, filling and securing prescribed medication.

  • Well-Being and Symptom Self-Management: Skill building in the areas of independently identifying emotional triggers, successful use of skills to minimize and address emotional stressors, maintaining compliance and consistency with resources identified to assist with mental, social, and emotional health.

  • Community-Based Recreation and Leisure: Assistance with locating, inquiring about, and actively participating in community-based social, recreational, support, and leisure activities to increase appropriate and effective socialization.

  • Community Re-Entry: Skill building in the areas of learning to identify, collaborate, and follow through with accessing transitional resources upon release from mental, medical, or legal institution. This includes identifying and applying for transitional and/or suitable housing, transportation resources, entitlements, etc.

  • Education and Workplace Fundamentals: Group and individual instruction on how to obtain and access educational resources, complete application process for educational programs, seek additional need-based assistance in current academic program, development of appropriate social skills to apply for, obtain, and maintain successful employment.

  • Alcohol, Substance, & Food Abuse Management: Skill building in the areas of sobriety/health management, prevention of addictive behavior relapse, identification of community-based resources to assist with maintaining healthy, non-addictive lifestyle.

  • Social Skills: Skill building in the areas of building and maintaining positive social and emotional relationships, establishing and maintaining family boundaries, communications and community integration.

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