Your Goals Are Our Goals

You can do important work here, with exceptional colleagues, in a firm dedicated to the spirit of service and to our therapists and counselors. You’ll be among people who share a commitment to helping clients, enriching our communities, professional growth and protecting the environment. Maryland Health Alliance offers an excellent environment for your career aspirations and experience.

You’ll find the support and resources you need to keep learning and growing, balance work-life integration and be recognized for your achievements. Your goals and ideas can take root among a talented team of thought leaders and high achievers—who are dedicated to, and invested in, bringing your goals and ideas into fruition.

There’s room to develop at Maryland Health Alliance where your goals are our goals, in which your action leads to impact, and impact leads to your professional growth.

Currently, excellent opportunities exist for:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Licensed Graduate Social Workers
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Graduate Professional Counselors
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PRP) Counselors
  • Group Counselors

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