Group Therapy


Group Therapy

Groups will occur weekly for 8-10 weeks and will be focused on addressing the symptomology, coping strategies. Also, to enhance group dynamics each group will be closed and participants will be allowed to miss two sessions to be considered to have successfully completed the group.

Currently we offer group sessions in the following areas:

Women’s Group

A relaxed and empowering atmosphere for women of all ages to support their fellow women on a variety of topics, including: relationship issues, including separation and divorce, problems within the family, and domestic violence; self-esteem and confidence; and health.

Managing Depression and Anxiety

Adult men and women are welcome to this educational and supportive group that focuses on the issues associated with anxiety and depression. Discussion topics include: educational resources; coping mechanisms; identifying triggers; relaxation techniques; family issues; symptom management; and developing healthy relationships and support systems.

Surviving High School

A safe and supportive group for high school aged girls to identify and discuss issues important to them. Topics include: depression; substance use; anger management and conflict resolution; relationships; self-esteem/self-image; creating positive coping mechanisms; and many, many more!

Living with Depression and Anxiety

Men and women of all ages are welcome to this open and informative group dealing with the daily living struggles of coping with depression and anxiety. Discussion topics include: substance abuse; stress management; relationship difficulties; symptom management; and how symptoms interfere with normative functioning.

Empowering Parents

Women and men with children of all ages are welcome to this educational and supportive group that focuses on the parenting skills. Discussion topics meeting developmental needs, strengthening communication, and effective behavior modification.

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