SplashMD Now Has Telehealth

Splash now has Telehealth built in, connect with your clients directly through splash. Splash Video is controlled by a HippaVideo product that is 100% encrypted.The video doesn’t cause you to have to end your session because of time limits.Theres also no app for your clients to have to download.Contact Nakia Dunbar in the Greenbelt office for training.

CARF Approved!

CARF has Approved MHA PRP Program for a 3 year accreditation!!!! Thanks to everyone that did their part in making sure this accreditation was successful!!!
We will now begin enhancing the program so that we can continue to help our clients that need the extra support.

Covid-19… smh

As our numbers begin to climb again, what can we say but everyone stay safe. Keep your families safe. Wear a mask that covers your mouth and your nose.

Lets all make it through this pandemic

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